deliver & shred service

Basically it does what it says on the tin! If you’re looking for a cheaper option to buy bedding and have the room and capability on site we can deliver bales in and then tub grind on site into your bunker / store.

how does it work?

The service is offered in two load sizes to suit your system and cashflow; a tractor & 32’ trailer load (13.5 – 15t) or a lorry and drag load. After delivery we come back and grind the material on a day and specification that suits you.

This service is applicable to all sectors; poultry, dairy cows and any loose housed systems for cattle.

The price we quote you will be on a per ton basis that will take into account the following considerations:


Product (wheat, miscanthus, rape or mixture) – Quantity

Required particle size

This service is proving ever popular with beef producers and people rearing dairy young-stock in loose housed systems. For example: we can deliver miscanthus bales and shred a heap in your store at a cost comparable if not cheaper than bought in wheat and barley straw. Shredded miscanthus is also more absorbent and will go nearly 50% further than your conventional bedding.

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