Over the last ten years we have developed and perfected our grain hopper system that is a quick attachment designed to be fitted within the tub of the machine. Our well proven attachment which is now marketed as the ‘TGS GRAINBUSTER ROTOFLOW’ is available to fit the H1000, H1030, H1130 & H1135.

This unit is designed to be installed quickly on farm and requires 6 x M16 studs for mounting, plug in two hydraulic pipes and your ready to go. It comes as a two piece unit which can be fitted  as two parts or ideally one to save time. The bottom part (bin) and top part (hopper).

The ‘bin’ which is where it all happens! Designed to fit over the standard mill grate it contains a hydraulically driven rotary valve that drops the grain into the correct part of the mill. This rotary valve is driven from the tub grinders own hydraulic system. The rotor stop/start function and speed can all be controlled via the standard tub grinder governor control box. This allows the operator to fine tune the feed of grain in depending on what is being ground. The operator also has the option to stop grain feed at the touch of a switch should a problem arise.


The ‘hopper’ has a 50mm mesh floor in the bottom to eliminate any foreign material entering the mill. The customer can also request folding sides allowing the conveyor (H1030,1130 & 1135) to fold inside the hopper for transport.

This option is an excellent addition to compliment the vast range of jobs that can be handled by the Haybuster. All grain hoppers come with two screens of your choice and an access ladder to be fitted to the side of the machine.

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