TGS bale moisture spear

Introducing the TGS bale moisture meter probes. These probes are heavy duty moisture meters which fit into a bale spike attachment for HAY, STRAW, HAYLAGE and SILAGE.

In the professional straw trade and when baling hay and silage, moisture content is a critical factor. Whether it is a matter of establishing the quality of feed or optimising storage conditions, a precise measurement of the moisture content provides the necessary basis.

Often, the actual moisture content of a bale at the time of loading is the decisive factor, in the straw trade, for example. This can only be determined by using a measuring probe at the moment of loading, the result often also being used as the basis for billing.

When trading in hay and straw, both buyer and seller can quickly and easily check the moisture of the hay and straw bales. Reducing complaints to a minimum.

The current moisture value is shown on the display throughout the entire measurement process. This means you can carry out measurements at different points in the bale or for a large number of bales within a few seconds – reliably, and without having to push any buttons.

The moisture meter has a heavy duty 60 cm probe reading electrical resistance up to the centre of the bale. Using the latest software this system is Bluetooth generated meaning no cables to the cab, running through an app you can see every moisture reading very clearly from a mounted iPad in the cab. It displays the individual readings as well as the average reading between the probes on the iPad. If the moisture exceeds a user-defined threshold value, the figure illustrates in a red warning colour. Readings can be stored, calculated (average and totals) as well as sending them to the office for further “processing”.


These moisture probes can be bought in easy mount kits to fit your current bale grabs

Fitting services from our technicians are optional

Digital reading of moisture 10 -80%

Digital reading of temperature 0 – 90 °C

Automatic turn on and shut down

Self contained powered by 12V lithium iron battery

App iPad display

Battery level of probe displayed on iPad

32mm bush fitting

60cm length of probe

Suitable for all bale types including Miscanthus

1-year warranty

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