We pride ourselves in offering a unique on farm service; specialising in high output hammer milling for all types of straw and hay for feeding, bedding & biomass fuel. Are machines are also capable of milling large and small grains with exceptional output. Working from a base near the Devon / Somerset border we are centrally positioned to cover a large area of the Westcountry.

TGS offer a unique service covering the south-west offering you the complete solution for hammer milling feed and bedding. Capable of providing a cost effective service for all livestock sectors we pride ourselves in helping you boost the productivity for your unit.

In addition to our grinding service we also offer bulk bedding, this can be delivered with either a large walking floor trailer or for smaller loads we can use a tractor and ejector trailer. Our bedding product is made from a unique blend of top quality wheat straw and miscanthus or rape straw.

Our fleet consists of an H1130 (315hp) and two H1000’s (200hp). Operating throughout the South West we cover (Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire) however, we do cater for jobs outside of this area (talk to us). Our Grinders are capable of grinding the following material.

Wheat & Barley Straw Oil Seed Rape Straw Hay Miscanthus Wood chips/peelings Compost screenings Small and large grains (dry maize grain, beans etc)

 Energy Beet (for Anoerobic Digestion) Waste veg (for Anoerobic Digestion) Seashells These are the most popular products we grind but if you have a biomass product or potential AD feedstock not listed above and would like to try grinding it up for feed, bedding, boiler fuel or any other purpose then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Based on a hammer mill the tub grinder has a range of screens which we carry on the machine allowing us to set up the correct configuration. The screens that fit below the mill govern the desired size of the final product. This allows the Grinder to produce a consistent chop length to suit your needs. Screen sizes vary from 3mm to 150mm.

For the purpose of dairy cows, be it inclusion into the milking herd ration or a high straw intake ration for transition cows, the machine is equipped with larger screens allowing the desired size and a greater throughput.

With regards to bedding we can process wheat, rape or miscanthus straw through the smaller screens allowing us to produce a fine bedding for cubicles. This service is proving ever popular as the final product has greater absorbency than shavings, spreads well through dispensers and is compatible with slurry slats and umbilical pumping systems.

When our machine is equipped with the smallest screens (3-6mm) and our purpose built grain hopper it will allow us to mill large and small grains to nearly the same grade as flour, if required!

what we do

Feeding Straw

Feeding straw to dry dairy cows has become a popular strategy to decrease dietary energy content and increase the bulk fill of the ration.

Poultry Bedding

A blend of wheat straw and either rape straw or miscanthus give us a unique product with excellent absorbency characteristics and a bed that retains good structure that eliminates any capping.

New & Used Machines

We specialise solely in Haybuster tub grinders as we believe they’re the best machine on the market after running them for 10 years.

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